Statement by FC Rostov for English-speaking fans

Statement by FC Rostov for English-speaking fans

Dear friends,
A lot of supporters of our club who don’t speak Russian cannot really understand how today’s tie could end with 10:1 score.

We would like to explain. 6 players of our club have been infected with coronavirus, and thus, the entire team had to be quarantined.

Football Club Sochi turned down our offer to postpone the match, and this is exactly why these young players aged 16-19 had to play in this match.

The score was most likely upsetting, however, we do want you to stay on the bright side!

First of all — our 17 y.o. goalkeeper, Denis Popov, made 15 (!!!) breathtaking saves (including one penalty), which is a Russian Premier League new record! Denis absolutely stole the whole show today and got his well deserved Man of the Match award!

Another mind blowing highlight was definitely our first goal! 17 y.o. Roman Romanov scored an incredible goal and became the youngest person to score in the history of our club as well as top-3 in RPL history!
Romanov is also among top-3 young goal scorers in the history of Russian Leagues.

We know you would agree our players were fighting for every inch of the pitch — each and every of them showed incredible character and attitude today!

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone all the supporters of our club around the world. 

19.06.20 Пресс-служба ФК Ростов

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